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Milan Expo Ferroviaria 2023
TS Traction&Service, FVG Rail, together with partner Kreon, participated in the Milan Expo Ferroviaria 2023, an event that brought together key players in the railway industry.

During the course of the fair, an innovative application adopted by our workshop for dimensional control of railway bogies and components during maintenance activities was presented. The application on the railway bogie garnered attention from visitors due to its innovation, reliability, and speed of control during maintenance interventions.

In addition to measuring bogie frames during maintenance activities, it has already been employed to verify the parallelism and orthogonality of frames involved in accidents and derailments. It is also used for the control of dimensions and secondary measurement tools, given the accuracy and level of quality and repeatability of the instrument.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to present this specific application to industry professionals at the fair, generating particular interest in activities that are typically carried out using traditional methods.

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