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Maintenance Services

FVG Rail provides railway facilities to various Infrastructure Managers for the maintenance of mainline locomotives. It offers the entire infrastructure for maintenance activities carried out directly by T&S. It collaborates synergistically with T&S to explore new business opportunities within the maintenance sector.

In the near future, a special machine tool called “Tornio in Fossa” will be installed, allowing for reprofiling (turning) of railway wheels without the need for them to be removed from the vehicle.

The FVG Rail facilities in Udine

The main facility in Udine covers approximately 20,000 square meters and is connected to the Udine station. It serves as a hub for the Tarvisio, Villa Opicina, and Gorizia passes and is connected to Venice both via Cervignano and Treviso. The facility has the following characteristics:

Raised Tracks

with a length of 110 meters

Electrified Track

for locomotive testing


with access to the inspection pit and imperial track


dedicated to diesel locomotives with exhaust hoods and inspection pit


equipped with a 20-ton overhead crane


with a washing and water recovery system


for the storage of own and third-party goods


Track equipped with a Lathe in Pit for reprofiling of mounted wheels and brake discs

San Giorgio di Nogaro
The FVG Rail facilities in San Giorgio di Nogaro

The San Giorgio di Nogaro facility covers approximately 3,000 square meters with an almost 20,000 square meter yard and is connected to the railway network in the direction of Venice-Mestre / Cervignano / Villa Opicina / Trieste. The facility has the following characteristics:


with a length of 110 meters

Outer Tracks

each with an extension of 250 meters for rolling stock parking

Takeover Track

650 meters available for checking blocked compositions

Track with a Pit

an extension of 200 meters for loading/unloading activities

FVG Rail maintenance services

FVG RAIL provides its technological infrastructure to operate in synergy with T&S and other industry players for the complete management of maintenance services.

Third-party ECM functions

FVG Rail offers third-party management services for ECM functions (1/2/3/4), ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance on locomotives and freight cars to reduce the risk of breakdowns and ensure constant performance and safety.

Freight var inspections

Inspections of freight cars according to the VPI scheme (G4.0, G4.2, G4.8) to ensure compliance with customer safety and quality standards.

Mobile workshop repairs

A mobile workshop that allows for on-site repairs, ideal for quick and efficient interventions directly in the field.

Specific technological equipment

Geometric measurement services using a 7-axis probing arm, Load Weighing System for single-wheel load measurement, Calipri for profile and wheel defect measurement.

Vehicle cleaning and washing

Vehicle cleaning and washing services aimed at keeping railway vehicles in impeccable condition.

The new Pit Lathe
Allows for the reprofiling of railway wheels and brake discs without disassembling them from the vehicle.

Thanks to advanced Numerical Control, this tool efficiently and precisely performs a series of operations without the need to remove the mounted wheels from the vehicle. The phases of the process include lifting and centering the wheels, accurately measuring characteristic dimensions of the mounted wheel such as diameter, profile (Sd, Sh, Qr, width, and flange thickness), and brake disc dimensions.

FVG Rail Interventions

With years of experience in the railway operations and maintenance sector, FVG Rail stands out for its ability to provide high-quality interventions characterized by a unique and innovative approach.

Braking resistor failure
Replacement of PSZ hopper car trucks
Brake axle replacement on locomotive E190 311
Sanitization of locomotive cabins
Axle replacement and bogie inspection
Replacement of INNOFREIGHT car axles
Traction motor replacement for locomotive E191 103
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